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1What does it mean to shop ?

Shopping duty free allows international travelers to conveniently purchase goods in a foreign country for personal use without having to pay some or all local duties and taxes in that country.

2What documents will I need to show to shop duty free at the airport?

Present your passport and a valid International boarding pass each time you make a purchase to enjoy all the privileges of shopping duty free 


3Who can buy duty free goods?

To buy duty free goods, you need to be travelling internationally/you must be flying out of Indonesia


4What currency am I charged in?

All our prices are in ID RUPIAH. Currently we are receiving 6 currencies such as USD, CNY, KRW, JPY, SGD, and EUR for transaction. For foreign credit card holders, your credit card provider will convert the transaction to your local currency at the current exchange rates.

5How many duty free products (Alcohol & Tobacco) can I purchase?

How much you can purchase depends on your destination. Purchases that exceed your duty free allowance will be subject to duties and taxes upon arrival. Please see below for a list of destinations and their duty free allowances: 

* Alcohol: 2.25 L / 1 L OF  LIQUOR&WINE
* Tobacco: 50 cigarettes

* Alcohol: 1.5 L LIQUOR/WINE
* Tobacco: 400 cigarettes

Hong Kong
* Alcohol: 1 L for alcohol 
* Tobacco: 19 cigarettes

* Alcohol: 2 L LIQUOR/WINE
* Tobacco: 200 cigarettes

* Alcohol: 2 L LIQUOR/WINE
* Tobacco: 400 cigarettes

New Zealand
* Alcohol: 3 L liquor / 4.5 L Wine
* Tobacco: 200 cigarettes

* Alcohol: 1 L OF LIQUOR & 1 Bottle Wine
* Tobacco: Please see store for details

* Alcohol: 1 L OF LIQUOR
* Tobacco : 200 cigarettes

* Alcohol: 2 L LIQUOR/WINE
* Tobacco : 200 cigarettes

* Alcohol: 2 L LIQUOR/WINE
* Tobacco : 200 cigarettes

* Alcohol: 1 L OF LIQUOR
* Tobacco : 200 cigarettes

* Alcohol: 1 L OF LIQUOR
* Tobacco : 200 cigarettes

Brunei Darussalam
* Alcohol: 2 L LIQUOR/WINE
* Tobacco : 200 cigarettes

* Alcohol: 1 LITRE OF LIQUOR & 1 Botle Wine
* Tobacco: 200 cigarettes

*These rules and regulations are subject to change. Please visit our store for more details.

6Where do I pick my goods from?

Orders can be picked up at Lotte Duty Free Pick-up point located at Terminal 2D Soekarno International Airport. 

7What should i keep in mind when picking-up my goods?

* Please pick up your goods at least 1~2 hours before your departure time.

* Check the items and their quantities before you sign for them. Notify the attendant for any possible discrepancies.

   We are not responsible with your purchased goods once you are on the plane.

* You can only receive the goods when departing, never when arriving.

8What if my flight details change?

If your flight details change, please contact our customer service 3 (three) days before flight changed on (+62) 21-2988 9550 or send us email to Our Customer Services are available every Monday-Sunday at 10am-6pm (GMT+7).

9What should i keep in mind when i report about my flight details change?

Please be sure to include your:

* Full Name, 

* Phone number/mobile phone number, 

* Bill of Exchange number (for Foreigner),

* Bill of Reservation number (for Indonesian),

* Flight schedule 

10Why can't I access this website well on my Internet Explorer browser?

If you have problem viewing this website on Internet Explorer browser, you should turn off the "Compatibility View" feature by clicking "Compatibility View" icon on the address bar, right beside the refresh button.